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Two Babies and a Business Podcast

Join Christina and Peter Pilarski, parents of twin boys and co-owners of CIPR Communications, as they blow the doors wide-open to their strategy-first communications and marketing agency.

This dynamic duo is just the right amount of push and pull, resulting in a uniquely blended perspective on business and marketing today and in the future, as well as on juggling life as busy entrepreneurs, parents, and as a married couple.

Drawing on their first-hand experiences, they’ll pass on valuable marketing and communication expertise, and business and life commentary – demystifying and delivering you the knowledge and perspectives you need to grow your business.
Listen to the marketing and communications podcast now:

Marketing and Communications Podcast Series

Peter and Christina focus on marketing and communications one theme at a time. Over the course of a series they unpack the topic of focus 10 minutes at a time. Learn more about each series and then dive into the episodes on Spotify or  iTunes.

Building a Business

Building a Business

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency vs. an In-House Marketing

Building Your Marketing Strategy

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency vs. an In-House Marketing Team

Building your Marketing Budget

Building Your Marketing Budget

Marketing and Communications Hosts

Marketing and Communications Hosts

Christina and Peter Pilarski are a a husband and wife duo that are living life by design. Owning their own business is all about building it in a way that allows them to live the life you want – that doesn’t mean living a life of leisure it does mean working 80 to avoid 40.

Christina and Peter have learned a lot through their entrepreneurial journey – and are eager to share what it means to move from working in the business to working on the business.

They want to learn as much as listeners do throughout this podcast. They will focus on a single topic each month and spend time 3 days a week discussing the topic, the impleciations, and draw on their experiences and examples.





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