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If you struggle to grow your business and online presence, no matter how hard you try, it’s probably time to hire a digital marketing agency. The various aspects of digital marketing have become essential to a business’s success. You may not have the in-house resources to use them to their fullest advantage. If you see the following five signs in your business, it’s time to start looking for an online marketing agency.


 1. Your resources are strained


If you are running a small business, it is unlikely that you have a dedicated digital marketing manager. Some businesses make the mistake of giving digital marketing tasks to a staff member as part of a broader portfolio. To do so is to underestimate the time, skills and other resources that digital marketing requires. It is a full-time job and should be left to a team of specialists. Everyone has their own work to do, so let your team focus on their essential tasks and outsource your digital marketing.


2. You have new competition

If your business is losing market share to a brand new competitor, you need to boost your digital marketing strategy to reassert your presence and stop customers from wandering off. A digital marketing agency will be able to analyze your strategy in contrast to your competitors’ and put together a powerful strategy to boost your competitiveness.


 3. Your business lacks the expertise

Digital marketing is a much larger space than people realize, and it includes a variety of specialized tasks and tools. It really is not something that can be done effectively by staff who don’t have the unique expertise required. If your team is swamped with work and don’t have the necessary skill set, you need to look elsewhere. Digital agencies have all the required expertise, and they can apply it to your business strategy from an objective point of view.


4. Sales and marketing results are on the downturn

You’ve probably applied a particular strategy for years, and it always worked before, but now, things are changing for some reason. Sales are down, quality leads are not forthcoming, and your business is starting to suffer. When this happens, you need someone from the outside to offer a fresh perspective, together with effective strategies to help you improve your position.


5. Your company website is outdated

If your web design hasn’t been refreshed for years, and it has been months since you last updated your blog, potential customers will take one look and head very quickly to one of your competitors. Your website is your first point of contact with the public. It is the online face of your business. If it doesn’t represent you, or does so poorly, it can only harm your brand. Call a digital marketing agency to redesign and update your site as quickly as possible.


Need help with digital marketing? We can help

If you have noticed any or all of these signs in your business, you should get a digital marketing agency to work fixing the situation as a matter of urgency. CPIR is a Calgary digital marketing agency that offers complete services in all areas of online marketing. Contact us, and let’s create the online presence your business deserves.

5 signs you need to hire a digital marketing company


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