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When marketing as an institution, it can be difficult to stand out in a saturated industry. Luckily, the team at CIPR Communications has put together a list of the 5 best ways to grow your institution’s online presence using digital marketing techniques that you might not have thought of.

Optimize Your Online Reviews

There is no doubting that marketing is now powered by customer driven research. How your business appears online is ultimately as result of the reviews that your customers have left on your Google My Business listing, your Facebook page, and on other consumer driven review sites. By optimizing how your business appears online, search engines can deliver relevant results to those searching for your business in order to convert those people into customers. Tools such as BirdEye, champion your online reputation management. When set up, BirdEye will manage your online reviews and ensure that all of them are responded to in order to boost your brands credibility and reliability.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important element to consider when trying to grow your institution with digital marketing. You always want to be on the lookout for direct marketing opportunities, as this allows you to collect contact information of not only current customers, but future ones too. Tools like Sharpspring and Mailchimp, are great because you can now directly market to your customers and give deals, incentives and let them know about new products or events. Ensuring you are sending emails out through tools like this can also help you monitor who your most engaged customers are – you can use that data to turn them into your true champions.


Tune Up Your SEO

It is essential that you get your institutions’ name out there and SEO is the way to do it! Start by focusing on local search opportunities. Make sure that your Google My Business page is accurate and up to date and check your business is listed in other online directories too. Local search is important – who doesn’t ask Google where a nearby business is? Ensure your local search efforts are tuned up across the internet. Once local search is under control start to focus on specific keywords so you can drive up your organic search ranking. This strategy is all about relevant content posted consistently. So – sharpen your pencil!


Social Media Reach

social media is the perfect visual platform to show off your institutions personality in ways that are easily digestible for your viewing audience. Take video, go live, post photos, and create graphics. This will help increase your reach – interesting and dynamic content is rewarded by the most popular platforms and is more likely to receive engagement from your followers. Organic reach on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn will be how your Institution will stand out on social media. It will be important for you to understand who and what platform your intended audiences are most likely to be using. Ensure you are engaging and chatting with followers too. Many conversations might start by your brand reaching out directly and becoming a part of conversations. Other conversations will start because of the content you have posted directly. The aim of both is to get more followers engaging with your organic content.


A Standout Website

A beautifully designed, purposeful and functional website is crucial to the credibility and trust that your customers will place in your business. Your website is usually the first encounter your prospective customers will has with your brand and a properly designed website is your company’s most important sales tool. Design and build a website that leave a lasting impression and turn prospects into customers.

Get Institution Marketing Help with CIPR Communications


With a few of the right tactics, you will be on your way to marketing and growing a reputable instution business in no time! Do not hesitate to reach out to the team if you have any questions about instututional digital marketing. We are ready to help with all your needs – from creating the plan, designing the website, and tuning up and executing your social, review, SEO, and content.



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