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We finish off our series on public relations by talking to a very special guest – journalist Vassy Kapelos, whom many of you will undoubtedly recognize as the host of Power & Politics on the CBC News Network. She joined us, only a week before she was due to have her first child, to talk to us about her perspective on the changing world of media relations.

Mainstream Media’s Shifting Role

Vassy joined the industry at a time when many people were already saying that mainstream media was dead or dying. As her career progressed from local to provincial and then national news platforms, she found that the industry changed in the ways everybody was predicting when she first started. Mainstream media does not have the same impact it once did, but it has always strived – not always entirely successfully – to find its place amidst the new technologies and markets. How exactly that will play out has yet to be determined.

Regarding the balance of earned and paid media and the relative difficulty of getting media attention in the current era, as opposed to when she first started, Vassy says that it depends on several factors. Whether or not a story makes it to a show such as the one she currently hosts depends on what is topical, what is going on in the world. If there are significant events developing, the scope of content that will make the cut narrows considerably. This brings us back to a point we have mentioned a number of times in previous episodes, which is that it is not impossible to get earned media coverage, but whether or not your story is chosen by journalists and editors will depend on how well it ties in with the dominant themes of the day.

Vassy had plenty more expert insights to share about the media industry. Listen to the podcast episode to see what else she had to say. Follow the podcast, read our blog for more information on public relations and marketing, or contact us.

A journalist’s perspective – Vassy KapelosA journalist’s perspective – Vassy Kapelos

A journalist’s perspective – Vassy Kapelos


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