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Our Approach

Your business is unique. So is our approach. You and your business goals are at the centre of everything we do. CIPR's strategies, execution, and reporting focus on adding value.

That's why we take the time upfront with our strategy-first approach - this allows us to understand your business and goals, your competitive environment, your past marketing and communications successes and failures, and the strength of your current marketing and communications foundation.

Want to know more about how we can help you meet your business goals?

Produce Better Results and Uncover Business Opportunities

  • Access to a global network of digital marketing masters through our WSI network
  • Confidence that a Google Premier Partner (top 1% of all agencies worldwide) is monitoring and executing your global paid search campaign
  • Free social media and digital marketing videos developed through Promo
  • Creation of process and standard operating procedures for all components of execution as part of our services
  • Easy to understand reporting featuring explanations about metrics, next steps, and achievements
  • Access to discounted tools and products that benefit your communications, marketing, and website projects – from news wire services to website hosting fees to reputation management plugins
  • Collaborative approach internally and externally – CIPR clients receive attention from all levels of our team and network, not just a junior project manager
  • CIPR clients are considered a part of our team, we work collaboratively and transparently
  • Our WSI Network training and global best practices means our clients always get the best approaches and tools available

It’s our strategy-first approach , local and global experts , and strong corporate values that make the CIPR Communications difference


  • stakeholderrelations

    Trust is the foundation for every successful relationship

  • Digital-Marketing-Blueprint

    Marketing and communications is the long term investment

  • Polling and Surveying

    Continuous, incremental improvement is key to long term success

  • publicrelations

    Trust the process; and process before people

  • kindness

    Everything we create for you belongs to you

Peter & Christina

CIPR’s Ownership Team

CIPR is owned and operated by husband-wife team, Christina and Peter Pilarski.

Christina has an eye for strategy, organization and project management; Peter is a visionary that puts together big picture ideas through creative and innovative approaches.

Together with their team of experts they have a track record of creating award-winning campaigns for clients. Christina has her eye on the ground while Peter carefully watches the birds-eye view.

In 2010, Christina started CIPR Communications with the vision of helping clients understand the meaning of engagement with customers. As the business grew Christina committed to servicing CIPR clients full time in 2015. The vision of CIPR was resonating and Peter joined as a partner in 2016.

Peter’s vision for driving results allowed CIPR to offer clients focused growth services through a certification through the WSI Network and an increase in the service offering.

Together, Christina and Peter, have built an agency for the future. Focused on lead generation and reputation management, this duo has assembled a team that consistently deliver results for their clients.

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The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is a comprehensive collection of ideas and practical methods designed to assist entrepreneurs and their leadership teams in clarifying their goals, boosting responsibility, and propelling business expansion.

EOS centers around three main elements: Vision, Traction®, and the development of healthy leadership teams. It aids in aligning the entire organization towards a shared objective, keeping team members concentrated and answerable, and cultivating a united and effective leadership team.

EOS is not a computer-based operating system; rather, it’s a “people operating system” that employs simple tools and principles to harness human effort. It helps conquer challenges, enhance decision-making, and nurture a culture of responsibility.

By putting EOS into action, businesses can attain smoother operations, profitability, and growth, all the while allowing entrepreneurs to maintain a healthier balance between work and personal life.


Christina Pilarski Christina Pilarski

Christina Pilarski CEO

Peter Pilarski Peter Pilarski

Peter Pilarski President

Peter is an experienced strategist in brand reputation and digital marketing, specializing in tourism, hospitality, and service sectors. He stands out by harnessing AI and taking a holistic approach to elevate your brand. As President of CIPR Communications, he's earned recognition and collaborates with top digital marketing experts. Peter's foundation is data-driven strategies, tailored to businesses of all sizes. Beyond work, he enjoys family time, conquering nature's trails, and staying fit through boxing. Peter is always open to connecting with like-minded professionals.

Caron Kwas Caron Kwas

Caron Kwas Marketing Director

Emily Lundy Emily Lundy

Emily Lundy Marketing Specialist

James Falls James Falls

James Falls Public Relations Specialist

Catherine LeBlanc

Catherine LeBlanc Social Media Specialist

Jayrald Sulog

Jayrald Sulog Lead Generation Specialist

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WSI is the largest digital marketing agency network on the planet, with over 1000 agencies operating 90 countries around the world. As a WSI Certified Agency, CIPR Communications combines local expertise with global best practices and knowledge from the best digital marketers in the world.

As a part of this global network your business has access to resources, tools and training from some of the most successful digital marketers in the world. When you work with CIPR on your digital marketing, you combine the experience and tools provided by our global network with the personal touch and knowledge of our local experts.


Britt Ling

Britt Ling

Creative Design

Andrea Budd

Andrea Budd

Creative Design

Tyler Nemeth

Tyler Nemeth

Paid Search

Jatinder Rawat

Jatinder Rawat

SEO & Website Design

Samir Bayeh

Samir Bayeh

Lead Generation

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