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My name is Christina and together with my husband Peter we decided to create a podcast about our journey – a podcast about business, marketing, growth, strategy, staff, clients, babies, and marriage.

In this podcast, we discuss why we decided to build a business.

We are the leaders and founders of CIPR Communications. Our company has a tailored, personalized approach to every project, ensuring that your digital marketing goal is led by a well-formulated strategy that will assist you in building a successful online presence. The services we offer include public relations digital marketing, and website design.


Why we started a podcast about building a business

This is the first inaugural episode of our podcast series. We wanted to create a platform where we could engage with you on a more personal one-to-one basis as well as add value through the lessons we have learned ourselves through starting our own marketing communications agency.


What makes a marketing strategy work

Marketing and developing the best marketing strategy is a challenging and often complex task that has many known but also many unknown variables that make it a very dynamic field. And sometimes some of the best marketing strategies don’t work despite our best intentions. Therefore, what we aim to do through this podcast is connect with you and discuss the different factors that can affect a digital marketing or public relations strategy – it may be circumstantial, environmental, tactical, or a business- related reason why a marketing project didn’t pan out as expected.


As a husband and wife team with different roles within the same business, we often don’t have the time to sit down and have an open discussion where we are free to delve into the complexities of what makes a digital marketing strategy good or what could make it fail.


We each have unique perspectives when it comes to building a business. We aim to add value to your business through each podcast by combining and sharing our knowledge, experience, and the lessons we have learned along the way as well as get the opportunity to learn from you.


Connection is important

We strongly believe in leading by example, and therefore, encourage you to first spend time investing in yourself before building a business. It is only when you are at your best that you can give of your best.


The marketing landscape is ever-changing and complex and can be difficult to navigate at times and that is why we decided to start a podcast – especially during this time of a pandemic. We wanted to be able to share our learnings with you and connect with you on a more authentic level in a time we are living separated from each other.


You matter

 Another principle that we base our business on is the genuine care that we have for our staff, our clients, and each other. What matters to you, matters to us, and through the series, we will show you how stepping into your clients’ shoes and seeing things from their perspective will assist you in building better client prospect relationships and ultimately a better digital marketing/ public relations strategy.


We are excited to embark on this journey with you and hope that you will join us a few times a week as we delve into the different topics of how to build a business, and what the best digital marketing and public relations strategy is for you and your business. We will also share with you behind-the-scenes information on how we built our business together.


We hope that you will join us on this very exciting series as we explore the ins and outs of building a business.

Listen to the full episode on Apple PodcastsSpreaker, or Spotify now.

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