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In the seventh episode of our podcast series on the Value of Tourism, we look at the importance of being realistic in your goals and approach as you plan and implement a campaign. There is usually a lot of passion involved in these types of initiatives, and the people involved sometimes need to be brought down down to earth. Big ideas and high ideals need to be translated into achievable goals. The overall “why” needs to be broken down into smaller “why’s” that can serve as measurable milestones. The overarching strategy must be divided into specific tactics in line with the available budget and other resources. It is very important to get real about what you want to achieve, and the resources and timelines involved.

Balancing Timelines and Resources

Your big ideas must ultimately be distilled into the available resources – including money, personnel and tactics, and broken down into tasks and goals that can be achieved within a certain period. There is often a balancing act between time and resources: fewer resources may lead you to extend your timeline, while more plentiful resources may mean that you can achieve your outcomes in a shorter time. As you plan your strategy, you will have to find the balance between these two elements.

To find out more about how to get real about your Value of Tourism strategy, listen to Episode 7 of our latest blog series. For more information on public relations, marketing strategy and related topics, read our bloglisten to our podcast, or contact us.

Being realisticBeing realistic

Being realistic


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