At CIPR Communications, we believe in the transformative power of marketing and communications to drive clear results. As we venture into the realm of artificial intelligence, we are committed to ensuring that our AI technologies align with our core values and mission. Our dedication to kindness, client focus, confidence, and delivering kick-ass results is unwavering. With our audience in mind, including tourism operators, destination marketing organizations, and service companies, we present our AI principles:

  1. Responsible AI: We are committed to the responsible conception, development, deployment, and use of AI technologies. Just as we prioritize transparent marketing and communications, we ensure that our AI solutions are developed with the utmost responsibility, reflecting our dedication to kindness and client focus. Our overall goal with AI adoption is to improve efficiency and work quality while advancing industry standards to bring the best solutions available to our clients.
  2. Human-Centric Approach: At the heart of our AI initiatives is a human-centered approach. We believe in empowering and augmenting professionals in the marketing and communications industry, ensuring that our solutions resonate with our audience and align with our business goals.
  3. Human Accountability: While we harness the power of AI, we firmly assert that humans remain accountable for all decisions and actions. Our confidence in our AI technologies is matched by our commitment to human oversight, ensuring that every client referral is genuine and meaningful.
  4. Role of Human Creativity: We recognize the irreplaceable role of human knowledge, experience, emotion, and imagination in creativity. Our AI technologies are designed to support and enhance, not replace, the creative spirit that drives our kick-ass results.
  5. Information Integrity: In an industry where language, images, and videos play a pivotal role, we are committed to using these mediums to educate, influence, and drive positive change. We stand against misinformation, ensuring that our AI technologies uphold the highest standards of information integrity.
  6. Understanding AI Risks: As we strive for clear results in our marketing and communications efforts, we prioritize understanding the limitations and risks associated with AI. This ensures that our solutions are not only effective but also safe and reliable.
  7. Transparency and Trust: Trust is the cornerstone of every referral. We highlight the importance of transparency in data collection, AI usage, as well as in data privacy and security, ensuring that our clients and partners can trust us every step of the way.
  8. Inclusivity and Diversity: Our AI solutions are designed with inclusivity and diversity in mind. We aim to cater to a wide range of audiences and needs, reflecting the diverse clientele we serve in the tourism and service sectors.
  9. Automation and Humanization: While we recognize the benefits of intelligent automation, we also understand the importance of preserving humanity. Our AI technologies are developed to strike a balance, ensuring that we harness AI’s potential to benefit society without losing the human touch.
  10. Openness and Collaboration: In the spirit of our core value of being client-focused, we encourage an open approach to sharing AI research, knowledge, ideas, and experiences. By collaborating and sharing insights, we aim to advance not only our industry but also society at large.

At CIPR Communications, our mission of transparent marketing and communications with clear results is at the forefront of our AI initiatives. As we continue to innovate and evolve, we remain steadfast in our commitment to our core values, our clients, and our vision for a brighter, AI-driven future.

How We Use AI Today

Artificial intelligence technologies are changing at a rapid pace and CIPR Communications is constantly working to understand how we can implement these solutions to our workflows in order to enhance performance and add more value to our clients. 

Our main use cases as of today include ideation, content frameworks, initial content drafts and content editing. We are also experimenting with AI tools that can help to convert long form content into social media posts and we are using tools to help us efficiently and effectively create, edit and distribute podcasts.

About This Document

This is CIPR Communications’ first AI Policies document, which we write to remain true to our mission of providing transparent marketing and communications with clear results. We expect to update this document frequently as AI becomes more infused into our workflows and operations. 

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about our AI Policies and/or anything in this document or if you would like to connect about AI in your organization, please email Peter Pilarski at