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The goal of public relations is to bring your brand’s story to life in a way so engaging that others will want to tell it, too. You can express your story through a variety of forums including press releases, social media platforms, customer service, community events, trade shows, thought leadership.


Brand marketing: from objects to experiences

Brands are no longer objects that we buy or sell. Brands are experiences, and we often share our brand experience with others. Reflect on a recent memorable experience. Was it your wonderful vacation? Your beautiful wedding? Or a simple walk through the woods or along a beach on a sunny day? You managed that experience. You decided what you wanted, planned it, and then made it happen. 

If others joined you on your adventure, you likely still talk about it with your companions. You may bring it up with acquaintances, neighbors, or work colleagues. Did the hotel, chapel, or park ranger pay you to talk about your event? Not likely at all! You drew such immense value from the experience that you willingly shared the story.

But just as you had a dialogue with friends about your vacation or your wedding, your brand storytelling will be a conversation. You’ll find out about your audience, listen to their questions, and then explain – or better yet, show – why engaging with your brand will be a great experience. Importantly, you’ll build trust with your audiences by fulfilling your brand promise with each experience.


Stakeholder management

Ultimately, public relations efforts help you create personal relationships with stakeholders including customers, vendors, industry associations, and advocacy groups. When your conversations with stakeholders are consistent, authentic and honest, they’ll become brand advocates who help you build your brand’s value. 


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Creating brand experiences with public relations


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