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We are Christina and Peter Pilarski, founders and leaders of CIPR Communications. In this episode of our podcast, we focus on marketing campaigns.

After you have defined your business goals, decided on your target personas, and set marketing goals based on your business goals, there is one more step before you drill down into the specific tactics you are going to use. This next step is the creation of a marketing campaign – or series of campaigns – that mobilizes the elements of your strategy in a targeted, specific, timebound way towards a particular marketing goal.


A flexible approach

There is an element of trial and error in the early stages of campaign creation. Once we have established a foundation, we begin implementing a few campaigns with particular objectives in mind: they might be aimed at a particular part of a client’s audience, or they may be geared towards one marketing goal such as growing social media numbers, for example. On the basis of these test campaigns, we then develop long-term ones, doubling down on what works and moving away from what doesn’t.

Christina sees this as one of the main differentiators of 
CIPR Communications. Where other agencies might take a more standardized, “cookie-cutter” approach to digital marketing campaigns, we are more flexible. We try things out, test specific concepts at particular times, and think about what sorts of campaigns would work in the long term, as opposed to shorter, targeted ones that are built around specific product offerings, seasons, or themes. Each client has a different set of business goals and marketing goals, which means that they will have different needs when it comes to the kinds of marketing campaigns that will work best for them.


Creating marketing campaigns


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