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Creating a brand can be challenging in a competitive consumer services market – your brand must be thoughtful and strategic. Our in-house team of experts at CIPR Communications have compiled a list of 4 things to consider when creating your logo design.

1. Understand the Restrictions

When designing a logo for a consumer service, it’s important to understand the competitive market, and the restrictions you face when applying the logo (will it be used on billboards or on pins? Web or in print?). There are also strict regulatory elements that surround your specific industry or service? Be sure you are aware of these restrictions.

2. Know your Competition

There are always new businesses popping up related to different consumer services, resulting is a broad base of creative to review. The goal with your logo should almost always be to stand out against your competitors, which can be difficult, potentially limiting your options. This is your opportunity to be creative, clever and different than what exists in the market today.

3. Stand Out

Your brand isn’t just your logo. Your brand includes every piece of visual and written content you create. Your complimentary brand elements (colours, illustration, photography, packaging, social media…) give you the opportunity to create a powerful impact on your audience. A well-executed brand will allow for endless creative opportunities through your marketing and other tactics.

4. Consider Your Audience

Your logo and brand design should ultimately appeal to your intended audience. Consider your ideal customer, your current customer, and how your brand can be most engaging to them. How old is your target audience, are from the region or are they international customers? Have they used this service before? By answering a few of the above questions you can determine who your target audience is and create a brand that will have them knocking your door down.

Overall, your brand must make an immediate impact and it must tell your target audience your brand’s story. It’s important to remember to be creative and find ways to stand out within a saturated market. It is important to consult with an expert in the industry when developing your brand. If you’d like speak to CIPR Communications about your logo and brand design needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out!



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