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When it comes to digital marketing, as with most things in life and business, you can’t be expected to know what you don’t know. You don’t have insight and expertise on everything; you have your field in which you excel, and your knowledge outside of that is variable. As a business owner, you may find that your marketing strategies are not as successful as they once were, and you simply can’t work out where you’re going wrong. You thought you had everything in place, and yet the sales don’t reflect this.

This probably means that there is some area of your marketing strategy that needs to be tweaked – a problem that requires the expertise of an online marketing agency to solve. Here are three examples of marketing fixes you may not even know you need.


1. Your website needs to be optimized for conversions

You may look at the numbers on your website and be perplexed by the fact that your traffic is higher than it’s ever been, but your sales are disproportionately low. How can this be?

A situation like this probably indicates that your website is falling short when it comes to converting visits to sales. There are several reasons why this could happen but all of them amount to a shortcoming in your website’s design. Somehow, the site is not enabling conversions. It could be because it is slow or confusing, or because your e-commerce platform needs updating. It could be because your content doesn’t clarify your value proposition. Whatever the problem is, it is usually relatively easy to fix once a digital marketing team has correctly identified it.

2. You’re not ranking in Google for your brand name

If you can’t even rank on Google for your own brand name, then there is a serious problem. People will search your brand name to get more information about your products and their quality. If you don’t dominate the first page of search results when they search, then the business you could easily have picked up will go to your competitors. It could be because your brand name seems too generic to Google’s algorithms, or it could be that there is a technical issue relating to Google’s indexing of your web pages. A digital expert would need to investigate.

3. You’re possibly pushing customers away

If your product is fantastic and your website is perfectly set up for conversion, and you’re still not making the sales you expect, it could because your marketing strategy is more geared towards outbound than inbound marketing. Outbound marketing is the old approach, which focused on pushing products and services on the public. Inbound marketing makes up the core of digital strategies, and it is geared towards attracting and earning the interest of potential customers through good content and more subtle tactics. You may need to give your marketing strategy a thorough revamp.

We can help find the right marketing for your business

Are you falling short on your marketing objectives, and you’re not sure why? Whatever marketing your business needs, CIPR, a digital marketing agency in Calgary, AB, can offer a range of strategies and tactics to improve your online presence. Contact us for more information.

Digital marketing you didn’t know your business needs


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