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We continue our discussion about the Value of Tourism, and we turn our attention to the individuals and organizations who are important education stakeholders in the tourism sector. As we anticipate the re-opening of borders and the subsequent increase in business for the tourism industry, now is the perfect time to launch education campaigns around tourism and its value.

Who are the Stakeholders?

Typically, we have three main audiences, or three groups of education stakeholders. These are the government – on the municipal, provincial and federal levels, the residents or general population of the area, and the media. Media is always important at this stage because it will help you amplify your message to the other two stakeholders.

What Are the Main Tactics We Use to Educate Stakeholders?

Several tactics can be mobilized, sequentially or simultaneously, to create an effective Value of Tourism education campaigns.

The first is polling. Aside from enabling you to gain a full understanding of what your audience knows or doesn’t know about tourism, it also provides an opportunity to convey a message in a softer and more subtle way than some of the other tactics. You can lay the groundwork for the conversation that’s to come. The data you gather from the polling can also help you drive the discussion as you approach other stakeholders. Once the polling is done, you can then issue press releases to get the data out into the open.

For the next step, it would be useful to compile a deck containing the relevant information underlying your message. You could take it with you to one-on-one meetings or send it to individuals after you have spoken to them. The deck can become a strong foundation for your campaign, or can be modified or ‘sliced and diced’ for news releases, blogs or social media content, among other things.

Find out more about education tactics and how to use them in a Value of Tourism campaign by listening to this episode of our podcast series. For more information on public relations, marketing strategy and related topics, including the Value of Tourism, read our blog, listen to our podcast or contact us for more information.

Education Stakeholders – the TacticsEducation Stakeholders – the Tactics

Education Stakeholders – the Tactics


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