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After the education stage of your Value of Tourism campaign, the next step is empowerment. Before you get going on this stage, it is essential that you have educated your audience well. You can’t empower people to do anything unless they have a full understanding of what they are doing and why. You first need to outline the problem or question before you empower people to implement the solution or help provide the answer.

Making Sure the Audience “Gets It”

The empowerment stage is about following up on the conversations you had during the education stage. The first step in empowering people to do anything is making sure that they understand the message you have been working to educate them about, so the first thing you need to ask when you go back to your stakeholders, is “Do you get it?” If the answer is no, you need to keep working on your education campaign.

Once they get it, you begin offering the tools and tactics they can use to take the campaign forward. These tactics are geared towards getting your audience to take action on what they have been taught. They could include petitions and surveys, or any other means for the public to show their support for the Value of Tourism. They are tactics that are designed to enable people to take some sort of action – say something, send something, make a statement, make a mark on a ballot, whatever the case may be.

For more insights and detail on the empowerment stage of your Value of Tourism campaign, listen to Episode 11 of the sixth series in our ongoing podcast. If you want to know more about public relations, marketing strategy and related topics, including Value of Tourism campaigns, read our blog or follow our podcast. Contact for more information.


Empowering Stakeholders – the Tactics


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