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We might be SEO experts and public relations aficionados, but here at CIPR Communications, we also strongly believe in the power of community, health, and wellness. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our sponsorship with the Calgary Chieftains, a Gaelic football team based in Bowness. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to supporting local sports, fostering community engagement, and promoting an active lifestyle.

A Crucial Part of the Community

The Calgary Chieftains have become a community favourite. While our local players don’t pretend they are in the same league as their professional counterparts (who can hit the ball as fast as 120km/hour), they add a lively spirit to the community and encourage health and wellness while having fun. Gaelic football, a unique and dynamic sport, encapsulates teamwork, endurance, and a strong sense of camaraderie. By sponsoring the Calgary Chieftains, we aim to contribute to the development of these values and further strengthen their positive impact on the community.

CIPR Communications Values Health and Wellness

Our team recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As a sponsor of the Calgary Chieftains, we align ourselves with their commitment to promoting physical activity and well-being. By supporting the team, we aim to encourage members of the community, residents of Calgary, and our clients at large to embrace an active lifestyle. Together, we can foster a healthier community that thrives on shared values.

Building Community through Sports

Our sponsorship of the Calgary Chieftains is not just about supporting a local team; it is about forging meaningful connections with the community. As a digital marketing agency and public relations experts, we understand the value of building relationships. This partnership enables us to connect with community members who share our values, our clients in Bowness, and make new connections. Through this collaboration, we hope to create a positive impact on both the Calgary Chieftains and our community.

The Power of Teamwork

In the realm of digital marketing and public relations, effective collaboration and teamwork are key. By partnering with the Calgary Chieftains, we aim to demonstrate our belief in the power of teamwork on and off the field. Just as the players work together to achieve victory, our collaboration with the team showcases our commitment to collaboration with our current and future clients. This partnership serves as a testament to the potential synergies that can be created when like-minded entities come together.

As a leading digital marketing agency, our sponsorship of the Calgary Chieftains reflects our dedication to community engagement, health, and wellness. Through this partnership, we aim to inspire individuals to embrace an active lifestyle, showcase the unique sport of Gaelic football, and build strong connections with the community. At CIPR Communications, we are proud to support the Calgary Chieftains as they continue to make a positive impact in Calgary. Keep your eyes peeled for our very own President, Peter, as he joins the team this season! To learn more about our digital marketing services and how we can help your business grow, contact our team today.

Enhancing Community Health and Wellness: Sponsoring the Calgary Chieftains


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