With so much of today’s commerce taking place in the digital space, SEO is one of the most important elements of brand building and digital marketing. So, where do we start when it comes to SEO? CIPR offers the following essential tips:


1. Register Your Business on Local Directories

It’s important that you get your business’s name out there. Make sure your business’ address, hours, and name is accurate in your Google My Business Listing. Ensure your customers are leaving positive reviews. Local search is important, and people may be trying to find your business on another location-based platform like Facebook, or Yelp.


2. Do Your Keyword Research

In the world of SEO – words matter. Do extensive research based on your area and market to see how your audience will find you. This allows you to make a content calendar and a keyword strategy that can resonate with your target market. Brainstorm the key words you think your customers are using to search your business. By creating a keyword strategy, you can further identify words that are most important to your business goals and offerings.


3. Publish Relevant Content and Update Regularly

Content should be based on search terms that you know are important, based on your keyword strategy and industry news. One of the most important things that you can do for your SEO is to stay on top of current events, and content that is happening within your industry. When you stay on top of your updates and content, you become a resource for information, and you’re sure to become a go to source! When Google recognizes that users visit your site for articles and information, they pay attention to you too.


4. Off Site Link Building

Developing a link building strategy is another important way to increase your SEO and is another way. We start by considering partnerships with credible bloggers, content creators, and leaders in the industry or even in your area to start. We also look for potential media coverage and press opportunities.


5. Awesome Reviews

We know that SEO requires reviews – and that great reviews can be leveraged across platforms and approaches with your marketing plan. A part of our marketing plan process, we will be to ensure that your business has great reviews online. This suggests great brand management and reputation in the online space, which is ultimately where your audience will go first to find out more information about your business.

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Essential SEO tips


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