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We finish our series on the value of tourism with another special guest – Amber Harding, Marketing and Communication Specialist at the Northern BC Tourism Association (NBCTA), one of five regional destination management organizations (RDMOs) in the province. The NBCTA covers about 60% of the province from a territorial perspective, although the population of this vast area is relatively sparse. Its key stakeholders are municipalities in the region, who regard tourism as strong economic drivers. The NBCTA worked

The CIPR Value of Tourism Toolkit in Practice

Amber first approached CIPR in Spring 2020, as the NBCTA’s stakeholders began to ask how they could boost their tourism industries in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amber and her team realized that the value of tourism in the region needed to be elevated more. They put the CIPR toolkit (discussed in Ep. 12) to good use in their efforts to get their message across.

The campaign was divided into four components. They started with a “kick-off” phase, followed by an educational component. The third phase was spent polling people in the region and gaining a strong understanding of the real value of tourism in the region. The final stage was focused on communicating the stats that had emerged from those polls and surveys to businesses and the general public throughout the region, to prove and demonstrate the value of tourism in concrete terms. Interestingly, a year after its launch, the campaign has continued to roll out and yield results.

Hear the details of the NBCTA’s success with their ongoing value of tourism campaign in the final episode of Series 6 of Two Babies and a Business Listen to the entire series for an -in-depth exploration of support of tourism campaigns. To find out more about public relations and marketing strategy, read our blog or listen to previous podcastsContact us or more information.


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