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We are Christina and Peter Pilarski, founders and leaders of CIPR Communications.

In our experience, there are two kinds of web development companies. There are those who, for whatever reason, treat your website as if it is theirs. They jealously guard access to it, afraid that you are not capable of running it yourself, or that their proprietary code on the backend needs to be protected from you. Then there are web developers, like CIPR Communications, who work according to the philosophy that your website belongs to you. We, as developers, help you to build your website and provide you with all the tools and access you need to maintain it going forward. We design and develop your website, but the end result is your asset, not ours.

Look For a Web Designer That Will Hand Over the Reins

We have had many conversations with clients who have had bad experiences with website designers who take that more controlling approach. These companies will often charge exorbitant fees to make minor changes that should take next to no time or resources to carry out. We can understand the point of view of some of the web designers who work like this – many of whom are sole proprietors, looking for ways to hold onto clients and create repeat business, but this approach does not work to the client’s advantage. For us, as a full-service digital marketing company, our goal is to move you forward towards your marketing goals. It is not in our best interest to hold onto the reins. Instead, we take a client-focused, collaborative approach. We have no desire to own any part of your digital assets – we want you to acquire these assets and provide whatever help you need along the way to get them up and running. It is very important that you make this part of your initial discussions with prospective web designers, and make sure that you opt for one that will give you control of your assets, and never hold them hostage!

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Help! My website is being held hostage


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