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In our latest podcast episode, we address some of the hidden website costs that many people often overlook until it’s too late. When you’re planning and budgeting for a project, whether it’s building a website from scratch, or making some adjustments and upgrades to a current website, it is all too easy to forget about certain, seemingly small, but nonetheless essential needs. We try to help you plan ahead for these costs and factor them into your budget from the start so that they don’t catch you by surprise later on.

Revealing “Hidden” Costs Upfront

While we at CIPR Communications do our best to list and quote on all costs upfront – even those that are usually “hidden” and often turn up later on, we deal with clients who are at different stages of their website design projects. This may mean that certain things are not considered when we first get started on a project. Some of the most common costs that can turn up after the initial quotation are:

  • Written, video, and audio content, as well as pictures.
  • Plug-ins. These can take all kinds of forms – and usually turn up at quite a late stage when you realize you need a certain functionality that you hadn’t considered before.
  • Hosting and security certificates.
  • Website maintenance and backups.
  • The time your team needs to dedicate to building and running the website (almost everyone overlooks this one!)

Some of these costs can be brought to the front of mind and included in plans and budgets upfront, but there is always the potential for new costs to arise due to an unexpected change of course during the process. Costs might also increase as a result of the project getting bigger than initially anticipated. Either way, it is crucial to ask your web developer about all potential hidden or delayed costs and make provision for them in your budget.

Find out more about CIPR Communications’ approach to web design services by listening to the seventh series of our podcast. For more information about website design, from site maps to website development, as well as content marketing, SEO and our other services, read our blog, listen to other podcast episodes, or contact us.


Hidden website costs – knowing upfront


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