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Do you really need a digital marketing agency? You wouldn’t be the first business owner to ask that question. It’s only natural that you should question the value proposition of any service before you decide to use it. Also, marketing expenditure has always been notoriously difficult to justify empirically. To answer the question then, if you are doing business online, then you certainly do need a digital marketing agency. Here are the main reasons why.

Digital marketing agencies offer excellent value for money

Hiring marketing and design specialists in-house is expensive, plus, in order to get the services you would get from an agency, you would need to hire a whole team of people. When you contract a digital marketing agency, you can tap into all their resources and get the full benefit of their expertise for everything from SEO to web design, at a fraction of the cost. The return on investment that you will see as a result will be well worth it.


Digital marketing agencies know how to get the results you want

Speaking of return on investment, that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it? Okay, so a digital marketing agency will enable you to market yourself at a fraction of the cost of hiring a team in-house, but will it bring results? There are several things that a digital marketing agency can achieve for you: it can improve your brand profile, strengthen your online presence, boost your sales and more. The real beauty of it all is that online marketing agencies do all of these things in a way that yields measurable results. You will be able to look at the analytics and see very clearly how your decision to hire an agency is paying off.


You free up resources to focus on your business

While the agency’s marketing efforts are yielding their results, you can achieve more yourself because you have more time to dedicate to your business. Having successfully outsourced your marketing, you and your team can focus on delivering, as well as drawing up new operational strategies. This amounts to time and money saved, and will bring the success which must result when your energies are concentrated on doing what you do best.


How we can change your business marketing game

CIPR is a full-service digital marketing agency in Calgary, AB. Based on your business’s marketing needs, we will devise a strategy that implements every tool available to us – from content marketing to social media marketing and web design – to create optimal digital strategies that yield tangible results. Contact us to see how your business can enjoy all the benefits of a digital marketing agency.

How effective is it to hire a digital marketing agency?


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