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In our previous blog and podcast episode, we talked to our special guest Mario Toneguzzi about the state of the media. One thing that became clear is that it is more difficult than ever for public relations agencies to pitch stories to the media. If you want a publication, broadcaster or digital media platform to pick up your story, you need to make sure it’s a really compelling piece of content. That means asking yourself a challenging question: “Is your news really news?”

Your news may only be news to you

Obviously, any company that wants to break a news story about some new development will be very excited about the news and expect that the rest of the world will share their excitement. The hard reality is that most of the time, what’s news for you doesn’t mean all that much to the public at large. Any private company looking to pitch a new product or service is usually dealing with a story that the media would not regard as news, unless it can be tied to something topical.

Understanding this rather harsh truth doesn’t mean that you should abandon the idea of getting media exposure for your story. If your news isn’t news in the broader sense – in mass media with a provincial, national or even global audience, for example, is there a way you can position it so that it is news? Either connect it to something with wider significance or target a niche audience such as B2B or B2C publications that speak to your particular industry. Part of an effective PR strategy is finding media outlets that are best suited to your content, or developing content that can be pitched to mass media outlets with tie-ins to the big stories of the day. One or both of these approaches can work.

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Is your news really news?Is your news really news?

Is your news really news?


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