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In the second episode of our




, we delve into the story of


CIPR Communications


and how it all started. We are Christina and Peter Pilarski, founders and leaders of CIPR Communications.

How important is content marketing?



Christina and Peter started off writing blogs that featured leaders in politics, their lives, and what they were doing in their sphere of influence. We knew the power of the written word and how it could reach and impact an audience.



While Christina’s approach to content was different from mine, her positive bubbly approach to content marketing was the perfect balance to my often controversial and negative approach towards a topic.



But it was more specifically, a blog that we created about MP, Len Weber, that was instrumental in our discovery of what search engine optimization could do for a marketing communications strategy and how an informative blog could increase reach through the implementation of effective




keyword and SEO search terms.



We were able to see how commonplace and often miscellaneous search queries like, ‘Who is Len Weber? and, ‘Is Len Weber married?’ for example carried the best results when it came to SEO. Our blog eventually came to an end as our interests diversified and thus began the journey to owning our marketing communications agency.


A partnership that works



Christina was at the helm of the business early on. But it was when she was five months pregnant that she felt a pang of insecurity as most working moms do – could she do it all? She felt anxious about being pregnant and starting a business.



It was then that she leaned on the support of me (Peter), as we successfully signed a deal with a much-valued client together and this proved the start of our amazing partnership as we started to successfully grow our marketing communications agency.



Our full-circle moment



This podcast has been our full-circle moment where we have found what it is we do well and how we want to do it. We have a vision – we know that content marketing works in establishing and building a brand. We know that there is power in SEO and its role in a marketing communication strategy. We also know that we couldn’t sustain a successful digital marketing and public relations agency without the help and support of one another. And we believe that this is our secret competitive edge.



If we could sum up who we both are in a few words – it would be that we are content creators, but perhaps even more important than this is we both have the outward personalities that are compatible with what we are doing. This leads us to our next point…


Personality compatibility



Personality and personality fit is the cornerstone of our business model. This forms the basis of how we approach and communicate with our clients – we think about how to reach them and engage with them based on their personality types. Once you can discover what it is they are seeking, you are then in the position to formulate a marketing strategy that will yield the best results.



We hope you enjoyed the second episode in our podcast series on how to build a business. Our next episode is a continuation of personality types and how it relates to your business.




‘Our Story’


CIPR Communications

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