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In the third episode of our podcast series on Value of Tourism campaigns, Christina talks to Monica Dickinson, Director of Industry Relations and Communications at Tourism Kamloops, about the importance of polling. We have been working with Tourism Kamloops for several years now and have worked alongside Monica on a number of campaigns. These projects have shown how vital it is to conduct polls before, during, and after a Value of Tourism campaign.

Allowing Data to Drive Your Campaigns

Tourism Kamloops has used polling and surveying to gain vital insights into three key audiences. The first group includes the visitors. As a destination management organization (DMO), Tourism Kamloops always seeks to inspire visitors from around Canada and beyond to come and see what the region has to offer. 

Secondly, Tourism Kamloops needs to ensure that the strategies they put in place are benefitting the stakeholders. To find this out, they conduct surveys among businesses and individuals in the local tourism industry to ensure that what they offer is delivering the intended results.

The third group consists of the region’s residents. Monica and her team understand the importance of building an understanding of the tourism industry among the community. Their polls aim to find out whether they have been successful in these efforts, so that the community advocates and promotes the attractions of Kamloops. Aside from that, it is also important to understand how residents feel about the industry and its initiatives.

To hear how Monica and her team use the insights they gather from their polls and surveys to create more effective Value of Tourism campaigns, listen to Episode 3 in our latest series of podcasts. For more insights on marketing strategy, public relations, and related topics, read our blog, listen to our podcast, or contact us.

Polling with Monica from Tourism KamloopsPolling with Monica from Tourism Kamloops

Polling with Monica from Tourism Kamloops


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