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We We are Christina and Peter Pilarski, founders and leaders of CIPR Communications and hosts of Two Babies and a Business Podcast. For our 11th podcast episode in this series, we discuss public relations and how it is not just media relations. If you want a quick refresher on public relations strategy and tactics, take a look at our second podcast episode of this series. Here we will go over three types of public relations other than media relations.

Types of Public Relations

Aside from media relations, which we have covered heavily, there are three other types of public relations we want to go over:

Government Relations

Government relations specifically focuses on how an organization interacts with the government and its various divisions and officials. This area of public relations helps to build relationships and positive interactions between an organization and government bodies. Government relations should be building good long-term relationships with key bureaucrats and staff as well as politicians. This strong relationship is the foundation for successfully lobbying, targeting specific politicians and departments with a particular goal in mind.

Stakeholder Relations

Stakeholder relations is the practice of forging mutually beneficial connections with third-party groups and individuals that have a stake in your common interest. Stakeholder relations management includes communicating with people early and often so that they fully understand the benefits of the project. Stakeholders are generally anyone who is not the general public that has reach towards other groups. For example, a community group could be a stakeholder for a development company looking to redevelop in a neighbourhood.

Community Relations

Community relations is an essential function of any successful business. It refers to the various methods companies use to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships in the communities in which they operate. Community relations often involves mass communication, whereas stakeholder relations is more one-on-one communication. Community relations is about brand recognition, culture, and values and broadcasting that information to both internal and external communities.

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Public Relations – Not Just Media Relations


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