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We are Christina and Peter Pilarski, founders and leaders of CIPR Communications and hosts of Two Babies and a Business. This 12th podcast on hiring a marketing agency versus in-house will summarize everything we have discussed in this series. We review assessing your business and working with a marketing agency so you are set up for long term success.

Assessing your Business

You should always be assessing your business on a regular basis. It is important to know where it is at financially and if you are in a growth phase or not. In our past episodes, we have looked into the benefits of listing your current resources. You should list out everyone in your organization and what their role is so you can identify where the gaps are and know what is happening internally. Filling in these gaps is where an agency can help.

Starting out as a Small Business

If your resources are small and you are just getting interested in hiring a marketing agency, a good strategy is to try a research or trial project that can add value to your company without needing a long term relationship. Such projects can include:

  • Competitive Analysis Reports
  • Digital Marketing Blueprint
  • Website Conversion Audit

These projects can help you assess the agency and better understand how they can help you in the long term. Remember that the agency’s job is to make your business shine like a superstar.


Partnership with an Agency & In-House

Success with either your agency or in-house personnel will rely on honest, open communication to ensure everyone is moving in the same direction. People and processes are present in every situation and it is often the default to blame people when something isn’t working. But the focus should be on the process first to ensure it is working and not holding back your agency or personnel.

There will be an ever-evolving relationship between your business and its in-house staff and the agencies you hire. Any good agency will be flexible to meet your needs as they change to meet your business and industry demands. Open communication with everyone and empowering them will ensure long term success for your business.

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