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We are Christina and Peter Pilarski, founders and leaders of CIPR Communications.

In our previous episode we talked about the distinction between creative-focused and conversion-focused web design. Our approach is primarily a conversion-focused one, and in this episode, we explain why.

Conversion-Focused Web Design

The reason we concentrate on conversions when building a website for a client is really quite simple: this is what most of our clients need. When clients come to us, it is usually because they want to increase sales, which means they need a platform that helps them to generate and convert leads. As a marketing agency, our primary purpose is to help our clients meet their business goals. We implement a variety of long-term tactics to enable this. For all of those tactics to be successful, an effective, conversion-focused website must be in place.

There is a strong economic argument to be made for investing in building conversion rate optimization. If you can raise the conversion rate of your website by 20%, that means that each dollar you spend on marketing is 20% more efficient. All investments in marketing tactics such as SEO, PPC, social media marketing, etc, will be that much more effective, because they all lead back to a website that has been built to boost conversions.

To sum up, the reason we focus on conversions is because that is the best way we can add value to your digital marketing. A strong website that is optimized for conversion will form the heart of all your online marketing. All of your marketing efforts lead back to your website, and with your website built with conversions as the primary goal, you are bound to see better results with all of your marketing campaigns.

Find out more about CIPR Communications’ web design services by listening to the seventh series of our podcast. For more information about web development, content marketing, SEO and our other services, read our blog, listen to other podcast episodes, or contact us.


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