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We are Christina and Peter Pilarski founders and leaders of CIPR Communications.

We often get asked how we manage to work together as a husband and wife team and what makes it so great. When a couple goes into business together there’s usually a lot of learning involved. It’s been a process of learning for us, it’s been about understanding each other’s personalities, and about adjusting our strategies in terms of how we communicate with each other.
Having a coach is also great to have as sort of a third party to vet ideas to and talk to. There’s a lot of things that go into it. But we work well together because our personalities are compatible.
We read this book but it was two chapters in particular in the ‘The Enneagram at Work’, chapters 7 and 8 that resonated with us. It was about relating to the air and the ground and the 7 having a sort of bird’s eye view of what’s happening on the ground. And the 8 having a great ground game and being able to see the forest in front of us that we were able to relate to.
Christina always thinks of that example and it helps our conversations with clients when we’re thinking about the bottom line, success for a client, and return on investment, and how each of our personalities work together to help formulate the best strategy for the client.
Having an overall vision for your company is important to know where you’re headed and to grow your company and have to have a leader to clearly articulate those visions so that everyone is working towards the same goal is really important too.
In the marketing and communications agency, it is the differentiator for our clients. Being a husband and wife team we know each other so well. Because we know each other’s skillsets so well we can push and challenge each other and have these great conversations for our clients. We get so happy to see our clients succeed and being genuinely interested to see that goal come to completion is what is the differentiator for our clients in our marketing, communications, and public relations agency.

What’s it like working together?

It feels like a natural thing having grown up in the same environment. We have the same interests so it works. We consider ourselves to be ‘The Dream Team’ because we are passionate about what we commit to; the concept of commit and deliver is important in our business. We think about how to get to the same goal not necessarily in the same way but in different ways and that is our strength.

Being an entrepreneur you go through highs and lows all the time, it’s a rollercoaster to no end, and can be very emotional at times. It’s just special to have your spouse working alongside you and having a support base to lean and rely on in good times and bad.

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The Dream Team


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