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In this episode, we talk about the WSI advantage.


We are Christina and Peter Pilarski founders and leaders of


CIPR Communications




We started in the beginning as a communications services industry




Many people may not know that Christina studied website coding in school, so she has a strong background in website coding and spent a great deal of her time back in the day coding websites and gaining practical experience in this area after she completed her Master’s. Little did we know how her background would serve as an integral part of what we do today.





However, websites fifteen years ago were very different from what they are today. They were once the biggest craze but there was also a time when the demand for website development dipped, and today they are once again at the top of the pedestal and form an integral part of any business.


Websites are the foundation of your business



Websites are critically important for every business and can be a significant investment (much like your home) but they can be a complicated business as not everyone has the technical know-how to update their websites themselves. Many people are thus forced to outsource this to web developers who can charge a pretty penny for their services.





We first began as a communications services agency that genuinely wanted to see people take back ownership of their websites, and have the freedom to be able to make changes and edits on their website as and when they saw fit without incurring additional unnecessary costs to do this.



We have always believed that your website is an asset that you own and we wanted to help people take their ownership back.


We had to think differently, we had to think marketing



A little over two years ago we heard of WSI and that’s when the game changed for us. We realized that we couldn’t just focus on communications, we had to also bring digital to the forefront of what we do.



WSI is a global digital marketing agency network that is similar to a franchise with suppliers and subject matter experts who are well versed in all things digital. We reached out and long story short we are now a certified WSI agency and supplier and are so proud to be a part of this global marketing agency network who have helped us so much in our journey. If you haven’t heard of them already, it is a really important organization that is known for websites, website marketing, and digital marketing.




We have some of the best digital marketing experts on our team who are always available to answer any questions we may have. Having them on board has taken our agency to new levels. We have been able to add such value to our clients through the services that WSI provides. We have also been able to offer competitive pricing to our clients because having WSI on our team means we have been able to keep our overheads low. It has also given us the confidence to know that we can compete with any marketing communications and public relations agency on a global scale as we have the backing of experts in the field of digital marketing.




Our marketing tip to you would be if you are searching for a


digital agency


to help you with your digital requirements look around and try to find an agency that is part of the WSI network. With thirteen awards under the belt, two web marketing awards, and voted the best agency second year in a row, you know you are in good hands.




The WSI advantage


CIPR Communications

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