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Two Babies and a Business Podcast

Looking for a marketing and communications podcast that’s packed with insights and expertise? Look no further than Two Babies and a Business!

Listen to the marketing and communications podcast now:

Join Christina and Peter Pilarski, the dynamic duo behind CIPR Communications, as they take you behind the scenes of their strategy-first agency. With twin boys to raise and a business to run, Christina and Peter bring a unique blend of perspective to the world of marketing and entrepreneurship.

As a husband and wife team, Christina and Peter have a special insight into the challenges and rewards of running and growing a business while balancing the demands of family life. Drawing on their first-hand experiences, they share valuable advice and commentary on topics such as communication, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

So if you're looking to demystify the latest trends in communications, gain fresh insights into entrepreneurship, or simply get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to run a successful business, tune in to Two Babies and a Business today!

Marketing and Communications Podcast Series

Peter and Christina focus on marketing and communications one theme at a time. Over the course of a series they unpack the topic of focus 10 minutes at a time. Learn more about each series and then dive into the episodes on Spotify or  iTunes.

Building a Business

Building a Business

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency vs. an In-House Marketing

Building Your Marketing Strategy

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency vs. an In-House Marketing Team

Building your Marketing Budget

Building Your Marketing Budget

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Marketing and Communications Hosts

Join Christina and Peter Pilarski, the husband and wife duo behind this podcast, as they share their insights and experiences on what it takes to build a business that allows you to live life on your own terms.

For Christina and Peter, living life by design means more than just avoiding a 9-to-5 grind. It means taking control of your time and resources to build a business that aligns with your values and goals. And they’re eager to share their lessons learned and best practices with you, so that you can do the same.

Each episode, Christina and Peter focus on a single topic and relate it to marketing and communications, entrepreneurship, marriage and parenting, drawing on their own experiences and real-world examples to help you grow your own business and the life you want for yourself.

So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level and live life on your own terms, tune in to Two Babies and a Business today!

Christina and Peter are seeking exceptional guests who can share their deep knowledge and expertise with a global audience. If you're passionate about your craft and have a wealth of insights to offer, consider being a guest on their show. Join the ranks of industry leaders and influencers, and let your voice be heard as you educate, inspire, and leave a lasting impact on fellow marketing enthusiasts worldwide.

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