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We are Christina and Peter Pilarski, founders and leaders of CIPR Communications.

When the process of creating a website begins, the first questions we ask relate to the site’s planned content. Before we start building a website, we need to know what kind of website you intend it to be. You have between 350-500 words per page to say what you need to say and to optimize your pages for Google – what do you plan to say in those parameters? Where does each page sit within your sales funnel? We ask these questions upfront in order to understand the long-term goal of your pages and their content. Armed with this information, we can begin building the site.

Content is Everything

The fact that we ask these questions at the beginning of the process should make it clear that content is the fundamental consideration when it comes to designing your site. Put simply, content is everything. Many companies have a tendency to underestimate the value of content, and the amount of content they need to populate a website and communicate effectively with their audiences. If you are going to build a website that will be successful in meeting your business goals, you have to plan the site around the content – not the other way around. We go one step further than generating a sitemap at the outset. We create a content architecture – a blueprint that plots out each page on the basis of its intended content.

Different types of content will also carry different weights relative to your business goals. You may start off thinking that a certain area of your business can be covered in one paragraph on a product or service page, but on examining that content in light of your goals, we could discover that it actually needs an entire page of its own.

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