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Website Development

We build your website with your business goals in mind. We believe that your website is your asset and we build your website with that philosophy in mind. Our development team leverages conversion and SEO best practices to ensure your site is marketing ready.

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WordPress Website Development

CIPR Communications uses a proven WordPress Website development process that is highly transparent and keeps you fully engaged at every step in the process.

We have multiple approval checkpoints throughout the project to ensure that you are fully satisfied, and we don't move onto the next phase of the project until you have signed off on the previous phase. This allows the project to stay on time, on budget and in scope, and ensures that you are never wondering where your project is at or what the end product will look like.

Your fully responsive WordPress Website will be equipped with the latest plug-ins, integrations, and all you need to make your online story come to life.

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Landing Pages

Landing pages are meant to facilitate a specific action you want a potential customer to take in order to achieve your business goals. They can assist in improving relationships with customers, provide you intelligence about your business, and ensure success of your marketing campaigns.

CIPR Communications works with you and your team to create a landing page that is conversion rate optimized and campaign ready.


Website Maintenance

Your business grows and evolves - and your website should be growing and evolving along with it.

CIPR offers 3 levels of website maintenance to ensure you and your team have the ongoing support needed to ensure your online home has the most up to date content, visuals, and is performing optimally.

Our website development team ensures your site and database always has a backup, is operating on the latest versions of its CMS and plugins and is fully secure. We know the pain of a website outage - our packages ensure unlimited phone and email support as well as the peace of mind that our team is continually monitoring your site.


Website Development


Website Development


Website Development

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Website Development

Métis Crossing

Website Development

Lake City Cannabis

Website Development

Bull Tough Flooring


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