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Website Hosting & Maintenance

Your business grows and evolves – and your website should be growing and evolving along with it.

Website maintenance is a general term that encompasses a range of administrative tasks, from website and database backup to software updates, optimizing databases, installing plug-ins, security checks and more. These may not be the most exciting aspects of web development, but they are nonetheless essential to the continued success of your website.

When you purchase a website hosting and maintenance package with CIPR, you can feel confident in the security, optimization and reliable performance of your online presence. We have a dedicated team member checking your site morning and night to ensure it stays live and secure so you can continue to achieve your online goals.

CIPR offers monthly website maintenance to ensure you and your team have the ongoing support needed to ensure your online home has the most up to date content, visuals, and is performing optimally.

Our website development team ensures your site and database always has a backup, is operating on the latest versions of its CMS and plugins and is fully secure. We know the pain of a website outage – our package ensures unlimited phone and email support as well as the peace of mind that our team is continually monitoring your site.

Website Maintenance Package – starting at $365 per month

  • Daily monitoring of your site
  • WordPress version updates
  • Database optimization
  • WP Fence plugin installation and scanning
  • Auto-updates disabled (in order to combat against developmental issues from auto-updates)
  • Upgrade plugins to their latest version or best action based on needs
  • Google Re-Captcha security
  • WordFence software installation with site scan for malware and sign of hacking on site on a monthly basis
  • Changing password of backend periodically and updating client
  • Disable unused plugins and only keep active ones
  • Broken link fixes and spelling fixes
  • Site speed optimization
  • Email or phone support with 24-hour reply
  • Monthly or quarterly packages available

Contact us for a full breakdown of pricing and plan features!





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