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The work of the website developer does not end when the design is completed, and the site launches. Once the site is up and running to your satisfaction, you need to ensure that it is regularly maintained so that it keeps on doing what you need it to do. This makes website maintenance a crucial service that your web developer should provide.

What Does Website Maintenance Include?

Website maintenance is a general term that encompasses a range of administrative tasks, from website and database backup, to software updates, optimizing databases, installing plug-ins, security checks and more. These may not be the most exciting aspects of web development, but they are nonetheless essential to the continued success of your website.

Why is Website Maintenance Necessary?

If you don’t have regular maintenance done on your website, you run the risk of your site not running properly or even going down. Getting it up and running again can be costly in terms of both the necessary repairs and potential lost business. Failure to manage seemingly minor functions like plug-in installations or software updates can adversely affect your user experience, which can be devastating for your business in the long run. All you have to do is run these maintenance tasks or have someone do it for you – and you can continue to enjoy the optimal running of your site.

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Why do I need website maintenance?Why do I need website maintenance?

Why do I need website maintenance?


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