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The previous episode eluded to personalities and why they matter to your business. From a personal perspective, we know first-hand how important the correct personality fit or match is to your business as well as in your personal life.

Many of you may not know that I (Peter) was married previously, this marriage failed due to what I believe was an incompatibility of personalities. This is how the book, ‘The Wisdom of the Enneagram’, and the philosophies around personality and personality fit became an important part of how I formed relationships both personally and professionally and how it came to be an invaluable tool that we implemented in building our business.

The importance of personality tests

Many corporations have realized that personality tests can be an important tool in how they recruit and how the right personality match serves as the basis of a good working relationship.

The personality test in this book provides a good indication of where your strengths lie and what your potential weaknesses are. Peter is for example a 7. For those of you who have read this book and are a 7, you’ll know that 7s are ideas-orientated. They thrive on variety and don’t like to feel that they are stuck in a place where there is no room for adjustment or change. This personality type is enthusiastic and easily excitable.

Christina, on the other hand, is an 8 meaning she is a natural leader, assertive, and very organized. It is a personality type that fits the role of mentor, protector and if you’re a mom then you’re the ultimate ‘mama bear’. It is a nurturing personality type that likes to takes care of people.


Personality tests – a part of our culture

Our staff at CIPR Communications are encouraged to do personality tests to see how best they fit into our work culture. We also like to implement personality tests in our onboarding process. We have found that by incorporating this into our onboarding process that we are better equipped to connect with clients on their level; we find that we are more empathetic and understanding of their requests because we recognize that people are different and how they view the world is unique. 

Through connecting with them based on their personality type, we can create 
digital marketingpublic relations, or web design strategies that add value to the client; we create a strategy that means something for that person. This is what great service means to us and we believe it is such an important part of any business.


Consider who your personality fit is

If we could leave you with a tip worth remembering when building your business, it would be that marketing communication is a very human interactive subject. You should consider personality fit when choosing a marketing communications agency.

Christina and I implemented this tool in our relationship to assess our compatibility, and this is what we believe makes our partnership a great one.

Thank you for joining us on this episode. We hope that you enjoyed our discussion on how personality tests can be valuable in building a business.

We hope that you’ll join us on our next episode where we’ll discuss more about how important digital marketing is for your business.

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Why personalities matter


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